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Why Choose D2Xchange?


D2Xchange securely captures and manages your data and information while conforming to the highest compliance (AT 101 SOC2 Level) and security.


D2Xchange maximizes job integrity when converting hard-copy documents to digital format, ensuring error free data capturing. With years of experience, we know how to manage the workflow to organize, prepare, scan, index, and archive your information: Paper, Digital, Microfiche, or any format of data.


D2Xchange can enable integrating your archived data into your current enterprise platforms or help you establish a company-wide Electronic Data Management solution. The result is having information accessible when needed and just-in-time.


The data capturing and data management services available from D2Xchange allow a company operation never to be compromised when information or supporting documentation is needed. In the age of pandemics and social distancing restrictions, having information electronically available has always become even more crucial.


D2Xchange can also assist clients whenever there is a need for a standard or specialty printing applications such as marketing literature and company promotional product items. Having a significant network of fulfillment sites throughout the country, a job can always be adequately fulfilled in a price competitive and timely basis.

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