D2Xchange provides on-site or off-site document scanning services that allow a business to convert required information in paper format to digital. The process eliminates the need for expansive and costly physical storage space. More importantly, once captured digitally, the information can be accessed electronically and on-demand with an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. Regardless of the document type, whether invoices, legal and payroll documents, personnel records, engineering drawings, tax records, and the likes, these can all be converted for long-term archiving, instant retrieval, and re-use with legacy and new software platforms.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)


D2Xchange can equip your organization with a solution to intelligently manage electronically stored information in the cloud or on your own network if preferred. 
Thousands of organizations trust our solutions to manage their critical corporate content.  A powerful search engine allows users to locate virtually any information within seconds, gaining countless hours of productivity. Built-in tools ensure you are working on the most current version of a document through detailed check-in/check-out and versioning controls to manage content. Users can access virtually any type of file with complete audit trails for any purpose at any time.

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