Certified Payroll

Weekly Davis-Bacon Reporting Compliance

Our hosted solution streamlines weekly reporting.

Payroll system integration

Integrates with your payroll system to facilitate data transfer.

State & Local Reporting

State and local jurisdictional compliance supported.

If your organization works with any government agency, the Certified Payroll solutions offered by D2Xchange will streamline your reporting processes.

Having a simple user interface that generates reports compliant with the Davis-Bacon Act, D2Xchange has your solution to assure carefree compliance reporting.

Many features and functions including:

  • Federal WH-347 report
  • All applicable State and Municipal reports
  • Reports easily generated from Weekly or Bi-Weekly payroll
  • Run a Compliance Statement and even a No Work Report
  • Direct integration with your payroll system

Take control of your Certified Payroll Compliance concerns by contacting D2Xchange today. Contact Us