Large Manufacturer Eliminates Paper HR Files!


By: Justin Bodien – Director of Sales

August 2, 2016

D2Xchange is excited to recap our most recent onsite scanning project for a large manufacturer in the southern US! After several weeks of planning and preparation, a D2Xchange mobile scanning team, comprised of 8 members, spent four 10-11 hour days onsite between July 25 and July 28, 2016. This job truly exemplified a successful partnership, as both organizations were dedicated to the project from the beginning, which is fundamental to any project’s favorable realization.

The client team made a concerted effort to comb and purge unneeded files before the D2Xchange team arrived onsite. “By the time we showed up, the cabinets were in the room and ready to go,” said D2Xchange lead project manager, Jesse Johnson. “This is not always the case when our teams arrive onsite at a customer facility, but certainly makes a difference in the amount of prep work when we begin a job. We worked in approximately a 20x20 conference room for the week and really remained out of the way to the point that the HR Manager told us they nearly had forgotten we were there. That, in our eyes, is a success in itself. We were able to finish half a day early and free up the conference room for an executive meeting the customer had taking place on Friday. Overall, this project was a great success.”

By the end of the week, the client’s many years of paper Human Resource files were digitized and ready to be loaded into the document management application they had selected to host the files. D2Xchange will be facilitating the data import in the next few weeks at the client’s requested timing. Thanks to a great team effort on all fronts, D2Xchange’s newest manufacturing client can rest easy knowing their HR files will be accessible securely in the cloud!

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